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How To Avoid Pet Hazards When Walking Your Dog

March 30 is Take a Walk in the Park Day, and what better way to celebrate than with your furry companion? Just keep an eye out for potential hazards that may spoil this perfect day. Here are some things you should be aware of when taking your pet on a walk:

#1: Other dogs

Meeting another pup can easily cause a problem, particularly if either pooch is reactive or has broken free of their leash. Even an amiable dog that jumps up to greet you could be seen as a hazard by your pet. Whenever there’s the chance of running into other hounds, remain alert and check out your companion’s conduct to make sure they are relaxed and not riled up. If possible, steer clear from parks when crowds gather in order to prevent potential quarrels with multiple dogs.


#2: Traffic

As you head towards the nearby park, be sure to remain attentive and watch out for any oncoming traffic. This includes vehicles, bikes or pedestrains in your vicinity. It is also essential that owners keep their pets close at hand during the journey so as to help avoid potential accident scenarios. Pets with unlocked retractable leashes may become overzealous or suddenly dart into moving cars; similarly a long leash could trip up cyclists, wrap itself around other walkers and even snap if attempting to chase after small animals! 

#3: Parasites

Keep your furry friend safe and protected from fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and other parasites when visiting a park by utilizing year-round preventives. To make sure no infestation has gone unnoticed, do thorough checks from nose to tail once you get back home.


#4: Wildlife

Giving your pup the opportunity to explore their nose around the park is a great way for them to stay entertained. As they do this, however, be aware that you are entering wildlife territory and should try not to disturb it. Although many wild animals will flee when people or pets get close, some may become aggressive if they feel threatened by protecting their young or food sources – so beware! Additionally, these creatures can easily spread disease and parasites; thus, it’s best practice not to meddle in order maintain safety of yourself and your furry friend.


If your four-legged buddy loves the great outdoors, make sure they’re protected from any parasites or contagious diseases with consistent preventive care! Give us a call to book your pet’s wellness appointment and we promise that after their checkup, they will be ready to embark on all their outdoor escapades in complete safety.